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Useful librairies

Some (potentially) useful Python libraries.

Web “GraphQL Engine built with Python 3.6+ / asyncio”
See also:

Serialization / deserialization

Currently using Marshmallow.
Not a fan of Pydantic.

Potentially useful:
- (combines Attrs and Marshmallow)

HTML / XML generation

-> Templating


Distributed systems “Mixed sync-async queue, supposed to be used for communicating between classic synchronous (threaded) code and asynchronous (in terms of asyncio) one.”

Parsing “Lark is a modern general-purpose parsing library for Python.” (LALR(1), Earley parsing) “Lex + YACC in Python” (When you already have a YACC grammar for a language).

Dev tooling

Were currently using:
- Poetry
- Black
- Flake8 + additional plugins (Bandit…)
- Pytest
- Tox
- Mypy

See Project templates for how to set up these tools properly.

Some additional resources:
- “Python’s missing debug print command and other development tools.” (Detailed discussion Python debug tools).
- “produces Debian source packages from Python packages”
- “hupper is an integrated process monitor that will track changes to any imported Python files in sys.modules as well as custom paths. When files are changed the process is restarted.”


Currently using Fire because it’s the simplest one.

Other useful libraries include Click and Typer.


URL manipulation


2 librairies are maintained:

Storage / cache

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