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Hop3 is an open-source platform aimed at enhancing cloud computing with a focus on sovereignty, security, sustainability, and inclusivity.

It is designed to facilitate access to cloud technologies for a wide range of users, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), non-profits, public services, and individual developers. By leveraging existing, robust web, cloud and open source technologies, Hop3 enables these groups to deploy and manage web applications efficiently and securely.



  • Change the file structure to ~hop3/apps/<app-name>/{app,env,data,etc.}
  • Central configuration file / database
  • Refactor Procfile parsing (use a class). See also Honcho code.
  • Add support for app.json (or similar) for additional configuration
  • Plugins
  • Isolation (each app gets a unique user)

Hop client

  • Make a real (smart) client
  • Determine the protocol for client ↔︎ server communication
  • Implement all the commands
  • Add hop check



  • Refactor code using classes


  • Fix poetry support
  • Support uv/rye
  • Support pypenv
  • Support hatch, pdm, etc.
  • Tests for all supported installer / dependency managers

Go support

Ruby support

  • Test with a Rails app


  • Add support for smoke tests (in the Procfile)


  • Refactor code using classes
  • Review / improve CLI DX
  • Manage external services (databases, etc.)
  • Support for Heroku, Render, Compose, Fly… config files,


  • Architecture for a hosting service based on Hop

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