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Interesting (?) artefacts

Mail sent to Never answered :(


I understand from browsing the Fasten website and GitHub repo that you have worked on tools that “propose a new way to solve modern software dependency management issues”, and that some of this work was conducted in the context of the Python programming language.

However, I couldn’t find concrete and actionable information on how to use this work (still in the context of Python - don’t get me started on Java!).

So my questions are:

  • what are the relevant projects (repositories) and software artifacts (e.g. PyPI releases) ?
  • where are the tutorials / getting started / howtos on how to use them ?

As I can only imagine that such work has been produced during (and after?) the project, and must be hidden somewhere (maybe in the mountain of “deliverables” that are only useful for the Commission and not for actual users or researchers).


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