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Dockerfile Cheat Sheet

  1. FROM: Specifies the base image to use for the build.
  2. RUN: Runs a command during the build process.
  3. COPY: Copies files or directories from the host machine to the container.
  4. ENV: Sets an environment variable in the container.
  5. EXPOSE: Exposes a port or ports to be used by the container.
  6. ENTRYPOINT: Specifies the command to run when the container starts.
  7. CMD: Specifies default arguments for the ENTRYPOINT command.
  8. USER: Sets the user and group to run the container as.
  9. WORKDIR: Sets the working directory for commands run in the container.
  10. VOLUME: Creates a mount point for a volume in the container.


FROM alpine
RUN apk update && apk add python3
COPY myfile.txt /app
ENTRYPOINT ["python3"]
CMD [""]
USER 1001
VOLUME /data

Note: Always try to use specific version of base images and package to avoid any unexpected behaviour.

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