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00 Python

Python is the main programming language used by the Abilian development team.

We’re using Python for:

  • Web projects
  • Cloud projects, such as Nua
  • Data management projects
  • Data analytics projects
  • AI projects

The choice of Python as our main programming language is due to its versatility, readability, and extensive ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, which make it well-suited for developing web applications, data processing pipelines, and more.

Our Python “Stack”

Here’s a list of our favorite libraries and frameworks:

  • Web frameworks: Flask, Sanic, Litestar
  • ORM: SQLAlchemy
  • Machine learning: scikit-learn
  • AI: langchain, transformers, SpaCy
  • Development tools: Black, Nox, Ruff, Flake8, MyPy, PyRight. See Abilian Devtools
  • Job Scheduling: Apache Airflow, Prefect

Our curated lists of “awesome” Python projects

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