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REST-based protocols

Alternatives (not REST)



  • The first is HAL, which is a very popular specification. [The IETF draft is JSON Hypertext Application Language.]
  • The second one is JSON‑LD, which is a W3C standard but was really designed for linking definitions between databases. I’d actually avoid using that one.
  • JSON API is a very popular hypermedia format which I highly recommend.
  • Collection+JSON was one of the original ones created by Mike Amundsen. It’s a great specification, but I would still lean towards HAL or JSON API.
  • Siren is actually really interesting in that it went a different direction. Siren has foreign properties, class properties, and entity properties, and it’s action‑driven.
  • Then there’s CPHL. I put the asterisk on because I made it. It’s also action‑driven.

Best practices

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