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Copywriting is the art of using words to persuade people to take a particular action, such as buying a product, signing up for a service, or making a donation. There are several rules that copywriters should follow to ensure their copy is effective and engaging. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Know your audience: It’s crucial to understand who you’re writing for and what their needs and desires are. This will help you craft copy that resonates with them and speaks to their pain points.

  2. Write a compelling headline: Your headline is the first thing people will see, so it needs to grab their attention and entice them to read on.

  3. Focus on benefits, not features: Rather than simply listing the features of your product or service, focus on the benefits it provides to the customer. How will it improve their life or solve their problems?

  4. Use clear and concise language: Keep your sentences short and simple, and avoid using jargon or overly technical language. Your copy should be easy to understand and accessible to a wide audience.

  5. Create a sense of urgency: Encourage people to take action by creating a sense of urgency. This could be through limited-time offers, special deals, or highlighting the consequences of not taking action.

  6. Use social proof: People are more likely to trust and take action when they see that others have already done so. Use social proof such as customer reviews, testimonials, or statistics to reinforce the value of your product or service.

  7. End with a strong call to action: Your copy should always include a clear and compelling call to action, telling the reader what they need to do next to take advantage of your offer.

Following these rules can help you create copy that engages and persuades your audience, and drives them to take action.


1. The all-in-one <noun> for <action>
2. The <superlative> <noun> for <action>
3. How <customer segment> <does something they want to do>
4. <Achieve benefit> even if <common objection>
5. <Benefit>. No <common objection>
6. Experience <benefit> without the <common drawback>
7. Where <customer segment> finds solutions for <problem>
8. Your shortcut to <desired result>
4. Unleashing the power of <feature> for <desired outcome>
5. <Benefit> made simple for <customer segment>
6. Transform your <area/problem> with <solution/feature>
7. Discover the secret to <desired result>
8. Elevate your <task/activity> with <product/feature>
9. Step into the future of <noun> with <feature/benefit>
10. Designed for <customer segment>: Achieve <benefit> effortlessly
11. Beyond ordinary: Dive into <unique feature/benefit>
12. <Product/Service> that adapts to your <specific need>
13. Revolutionize your <task> with the power of <feature/benefit>
14. The next-gen <noun> for the modern <customer segment>
15. Fast track to <desired result> with <product/feature>
16. Empowering <customer segment> to <action> with ease
17. Unlock unparalleled <benefit> for your <task/activity>
18. Pioneering <benefit> for the ambitious <customer segment>
19. Elevate. Innovate. Dominate: Your path to <desired result>
20. Tailored for your needs: The ultimate <noun> experience.
21. Master the art of <task> with <product/feature>
22. Push boundaries: <product/feature> that redefines <industry standard>
23. The future of <industry/niche> is here. Are you ready?
24. Break free from <common problem> with <solution/feature>
25. Your journey to <desired outcome> starts here
26. Redefining excellence: <product/service> for the discerning <customer segment>
27. The gold standard in <industry/niche>: Achieve <benefit> seamlessly
28. Ignite your potential with <product/feature>
29. The last <product/noun> you'll ever need for <specific task>
30. Drive results, not excuses: <product/feature> for the proactive <customer segment>
31. <Product/Service>: Where innovation meets <desired outcome>
32. Experience the evolution of <industry/niche> with <product/feature>
33. Your blueprint for <desired outcome>: Dive in now
34. Challenge the status quo: <product/feature> that disrupts <industry>
35. Beyond expectations: Discover the <product/feature> difference
36. Shape your destiny with the power of <product/service>
37. Turn aspirations into achievements with <product/feature>
38. Crafted for excellence: <product> that speaks to <customer segment>
39. Embark on a transformative journey with <product/service>
40. Precision meets performance: The new era of <desired result>
41. Leap ahead with <product/feature> that amplifies <benefit>
42. Conquer <common challenge> with the brilliance of <product/service>
43. Where passion meets precision: Dive into <product/feature>
44. A new horizon of <benefit>: Welcome to <product/service>
45. <Product/Service>: Your compass to <desired outcome>
46. The essence of <benefit> distilled for <customer segment>
47. Transforming visions into victories with <product/service>
48. The paradigm shift you've been waiting for: <product/feature>
49. Elevate every moment with unparalleled <benefit>
50. Dive deeper, achieve more: The <product/feature> promise
51. The intersection of innovation and intuition: Discover <product/service>
52. Beyond the ordinary: The <product> revolution for <customer segment>
53. Join the movement: <product/service> for a new generation
54. Harness the full spectrum of <benefit> with <product/feature>
55. Unveiling the future: The game-changer in <industry/niche>
56. <Product/Service>: Bridging the gap between dream and reality
57. The beacon for <customer segment>: Illuminate your path to <desired outcome>
58. <Benefit> reimagined: The next chapter in <industry/niche>
59. Your catalyst for change: Embrace the power of <product/feature>
60. The renaissance of <benefit>: Experience the <product/service> difference

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