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Reputation systems

Reputation Systems and Trust

  • Online Reputation Systems: How Desima One That Does What You Need (Dellarocas)
  • Reputation Systems (Resnick et al.) (2010)
  • Reputation Systems and Feedback Systems in Online Platform Markets (Tadelis)
  • Giving ‘four Uber Driver 5 Stars Isn’t Helping Anyone (Jenkins)
  • Tit for Tall The Difficulty of Designing TWO- Sided Reputation Systems (Holtz and Fradkin)

  • Designing Informative Rating Systems: Evidence from an Online Labor Market (Gag and Johari)

  • Reputation Inflation (Filippas et al.)
  • Reciprocity and Unveiling in Two-Sided Reputation Systems: Evidence from an Experiment on Airbnb, (Fradkin et al)
  • Do Incentives to Review Help the Market? Evidence from a Field Experiment on Airbnb, (Fradkin and Holtz)

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