Docker Cheat Sheet

  1. docker run: Runs a container from an image.
  2. docker start: Starts a container that has been stopped.
  3. docker stop: Stops a running container.
  4. docker restart: Restarts a running container.
  5. docker rm: Removes a container.
  6. docker rmi: Removes an image.
  7. docker ps: Lists all running containers.
  8. docker images: Lists all images on the system.
  9. docker exec: Runs a command in a running container.
  10. docker build: Builds an image from a Dockerfile.
  11. docker pull: Pulls an image from a registry
  12. docker push: Pushes an image to a registry.
  13. docker login: Logs in to a registry.
  14. docker logout: Logs out of a registry.
  15. docker cp: Copies files or directories between a container and the host machine.
  16. docker volume: Manages volumes for containers.
  17. docker network: Manages networks for containers.


# Run a container from the image "myimage"
docker run -it myimage

# Start a container named "mycontainer"
docker start mycontainer

# Stop a container named "mycontainer"
docker stop mycontainer

# Remove a container named "mycontainer"
docker rm mycontainer

# Remove an image named "myimage"
docker rmi myimage

# List all running containers
docker ps

# Build an image from the Dockerfile in the current directory
docker build -t myimage .

# Pull an image named "myimage" from the "myregistry" registry
docker pull myregistry/myimage

# Push an image named "myimage" to the "myregistry" registry
docker push myregistry/myimage

Note: (Almost) Always use --rm option while running the container to remove the container automatically when it exits.

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