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Clairement Tailwind a le vent en poupe.

Bibliothèque de composants officielle = TailwindUI -> pas open source.


A utiliser avec ? (NB: pas de table)


Components libraries -> pour site web, pas pour appli. -> idem. -> Vue 2 pour l’instant.

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Why use Tailwind


-> The redesign shipped months ago, which gave me plenty of time to live with my decision to use Tailwind. My conclusion: the choice was an unambiguously good one. The main reasons are:
- Speed: I can immediately begin writing styles in components because Tailwind is global and pre-generated from defaults and my configuration. Styles do not need to be imported or created by me.
- Shared language: Polytomic’s design team uses Tailwind’s design system. When implementing a feature, I can count on design mocks sticking to Tailwind’s values and scales.
- Expressiveness: I have been able to execute every design given to me. Tailwind has not limited me. When I have used non-Tailwind CSS, it has been for specific browser overrides, mostly Safari.
- Contextual adjustments: many components need CSS adjustments depending on their context. Changing a className string rather than overriding CSS via the cascade is less error prone for me. I eliminated the problem of specificity collisions.
It’s a choice that—in hindsight—I would make again.



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