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Some remarks about the Cython code base

Stefane Fermigier, 16 jul. 2020.


Cf. HackerGuide · cython/cython Wiki · GitHub.

Tests are run using the script. A test run takes between 15 and 20 minutes on a decent machine.

See this Travis run.

It’s also possible (but doesn’t seem to be officially supported) to launch a subset of the test suite using the command: pytest tests/. Most of the tests in tests/ pass, and the run is quite quick (~5s):

=========================== short test summary info ============================
FAILED tests/run/
FAILED tests/run/
FAILED tests/run/ - AssertionError:...
FAILED tests/run/ - AssertionError...
============ 4 failed, 159 passed, 12 skipped, 42 warnings in 4.42s ============


  1. Update tox.ini to be on par with the current version of .travis.yml, then simplify the Travis config to rely on Tox, using the tox-travis plugin, to remove duplication.
  2. Split the test suite.

Code style and linters

The Cython code doesn’t adhere to PEP8.


  1. Run black on the code base.

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