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The “boltons” library is an open-source Python library that aims to provide a set of generally useful, lightweight, and independent utility functions and modules. It was created by Mahmoud Hashemi and is hosted on GitHub.

The library is designed to complement the Python standard library by offering additional functionality that is often needed but not available out of the box. It consists of various modules, each focusing on a specific area. Some of the key modules and features of “boltons” as of my knowledge cutoff include:

  1. iterutils: Provides a collection of utilities for working with iterators and iterables, including advanced itertools-like tools and iteration patterns.
  2. strutils: Offers additional string manipulation and formatting utilities, such as advanced interpolation, text wrapping, and padding functions.
  3. fileutils: Provides utilities for working with files and directories, including functions for file iteration, atomic file saving, and directory tree manipulation.
  4. datetimeutils: Offers enhanced date and time utilities, including more flexible parsing and formatting options, time zone handling, and timedelta manipulation.
  5. funcutils: Provides utilities for working with functions, such as decorators for function composition, memoization, and argument validation.

These are just a few examples of the modules available in the “boltons” library. The library is mature and well-documented, and you can find more information, usage examples, and installation instructions on the official GitHub repository at

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