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SlapOS is an open-source decentralized cloud computing platform, designed to automate the deployment and management of applications in a distributed, grid computing environment.

Here’s a general overview and key characteristics of the system:

  1. Decentralized Cloud Operating System: SlapOS is decentralized, meaning it avoids the pitfalls of single points of failure and can run on a wide variety of hardware setups. It can operate on anything from a network of low-power, personal devices to a large server farm. This makes it an incredibly flexible system suitable for a range of applications.

  2. Orchestration and Automation: SlapOS handles the orchestration of applications, which means it automates the deployment, scaling, networking, and management of applications. It manages these tasks across clusters of host machines, leveraging the combined power and resources of those machines.

  3. Application Support: SlapOS can support any application that can run on a Unix-like operating system. This broad compatibility is possible because it uses buildout, a Python-based build system, for application deployment. SlapOS can also automate the buildout and deployment processes.

  4. Resilience and Redundancy: SlapOS’ decentralized structure means it doesn’t rely on a central “master” node to coordinate its activities. Instead, each node in the network is equal, contributing its resources and sharing the workload. This makes the system more resilient against failures because if one node goes down, others can take over its tasks.

  5. Resource Allocation and Billing: SlapOS also includes features for resource allocation, accounting, and billing, which are necessary for commercial cloud services. It does this through a process called “billing by the slice,” where users are only charged for the resources they use.

  6. Contribute to Resource Pool: With SlapOS, anyone can contribute their own resources (like storage or processing power) to the network in exchange for compensation. This contributes to the overall resilience and power of the cloud network.

  7. Edge Computing: With its distributed and decentralized nature, SlapOS is a suitable platform for edge computing. It can operate on the devices at the edge of the network, closer to where the data is generated, which can improve response times and save bandwidth.

Abilian’s fork: (as part of the HyperOpenX project)

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