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The “HyperOpenX” project aims to create an open and convergent cloud offering by bringing together the leading French cloud computing technology creators to validate their technologies through significant use cases. This project focuses on the freedom to use, study, copy, and exploit the services, and aims to unlock technological barriers such as the encapsulation of operational security mechanisms in deployment profiles and the automation of predictive maintenance.

About SlapOS

SlapOS is a decentralized, open-source cloud management system developed by Nexedi. It is designed to automate the deployment, management, and optimization of applications and services across a wide range of infrastructures, from dedicated hardware (bare metal) to virtualized environments and containers. SlapOS combines the capabilities of a container orchestrator, a configuration management system, and a distributed operating system to provide a comprehensive cloud computing platform.

Role of SlapOS in “HyperOpenX”

  • Hyper_edge: SlapOS is used as the foundation for deploying and managing the convergent PaaS (Platform as a Service) “hyper_edge”. It enables automated exploitation of distributed services by providing the tools and mechanisms necessary to manage the complete lifecycle of applications in heterogeneous cloud environments.
  • Hyper_db: For the clustered relational database as a service (BDaaS), SlapOS facilitates the orchestration and management of database instances, thus supporting the implementation of “hyper_db”.
  • Interoperability and Compatibility: Thanks to its modular and open design, SlapOS is compatible with various Linux distributions and other POSIX systems, making it suitable for various deployment scenarios, including environments without Internet access, in edge computing, and on IoT systems.
  • Automation and Optimization: SlapOS plays a key role in the automation of operational processes mentioned as technological locks, particularly regarding the encapsulation of secops mechanisms and the execution of predictive maintenance.

Contribution to Innovation

SlapOS makes a significant contribution to the overall objective of “HyperOpenX” to develop an open and convergent edge cloud offering. By using SlapOS as a fundamental technological building block, the project aims to create cloud computing solutions that are not only technically advanced but also aligned with the principles of open source and digital sovereignty. Its use facilitates the deployment of flexible, secure, and resilient cloud services, while promoting innovation and collaboration within the French technological ecosystem.


It includes key components such as “hyper_edge” (a PaaS for automated exploitation of convergent services), “hyper_cdn” (an HTTP/3 based CDN with distributed PKI infrastructure), “hyper_db” (a clustered relational database as a service), “hyper_sec” (SecOps as a service), “hyper_space” (a data space for multi-cloud data exploitation), and more, with a series of contributing and validating partners for each component.

The project plans a series of deliverables over 36 months, with key development phases ranging from an initial prototype (POC) to a minimal viable product (MVP), followed by a minimal lovable product (MLP), and finally, a minimal marketable product (MMP). It also engages partners in specific validation pilots to test and refine these technologies in real contexts.

Each work package targets specific aspects of the project, such as project management, the development and validation of technological components, and dissemination efforts through funded open calls to encourage adoption and innovation in the broader digital ecosystem. The “HyperOpenX” project thus represents an ambitious initiative to advance the development of open and convergent cloud computing technologies in France, focusing on collaboration, innovation, and openness.


Partners bring various scientific, technological, and industrial contributions, ranging from system reproducibility and network resilience to specific solutions like orchestrators, cloud management platforms, and initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of clouds.


  • Nexedi: Contributes to several components, notably hyper_edge, hyper_space, and validates other components.
  • Rapid.Space: Involved in several components such as hyper_cdn, hyper_sec, hyper_space.
  • Clever Cloud: Contributes to hyper_cdn and hyper_orchestra.
  • Signal18: Contributor for hyper_db.
  • Patrowl: Contributes to hyper_sec.
  • Teralab: Involved in hyper_space.
  • BSO: Contributor for hyper_managed.
  • ECORP: Contributor for hyper_ecloud.
  • OpenSVC: Contributor for hyper_orchestra.
  • Vates: Contributor for hyper_sev.
  • Cap Digital: Responsible for the open calls.

Validation Pilots:

  • Abilian and Jamespot test hyper_db and hyper_edge for their respective applications.
  • Ateme pilots hyper_cdn for video broadcasting with CO2 minimization.
  • E.corp and Nexedi test hyper_ecloud for a cloud aimed at smartphones.
  • SenX uses hyper_space for the computation of cloud exploitation automation models.
  • Scaleway and Ateme: Validate hyper_cdn.
  • Rapid.Space: Validates several components, including hyper_sec.
  • Nexedi and SenX: Validate hyper_space.
  • E.corp: Validates hyper_managed and is also involved as a contributor for hyper_ecloud.

Focus on Abilian

Abilian plays multiple roles, primarily as both a contributor and a validator for specific components of the project.

Roles and Contributions

  • Validator for hyper_edge and hyper_db: Abilian, along with other partners like Jamespot, is involved in validating the “hyper_edge” (a Platform as a Service for automated exploitation of convergent distributed services) and “hyper_db” (a clustered relational database as a service). Validation involves testing these services to ensure they meet the project’s standards and objectives, particularly in terms of performance, security, and scalability.

Validation Pilots

  • Pilot for hyper_db: Abilian is directly involved in a validation pilot for “hyper_db” by implementing this service for its business CRM application. This involves leveraging the clustered relational database capabilities of “hyper_db” to support its CRM system, which is likely a significant use case demonstrating the database service’s scalability, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Our Commitment to the Project

  • Demonstrating Real-world Application: By participating as a validator and engaging in a pilot project, we (Abilian) help demonstrate the practical applications and benefits of the “HyperOpenX” project’s offerings. This real-world application is crucial for identifying potential issues, validating the project’s technological solutions, and showcasing the project’s impact on actual business operations.
  • Feedback and Improvement: our experience in implementing and validating “hyper_edge” and “hyper_db” components provides valuable feedback to the project consortium. This feedback will drive further improvements, refinements, and adjustments to the project’s outputs, ensuring they are well-suited to meet the needs of businesses and other end-users.

Collaboration for Innovation

Abilian’s role exemplifies the collaborative effort within the “HyperOpenX” project, bringing together various stakeholders from the French tech ecosystem to innovate and develop open and convergent cloud technologies. By combining their expertise with that of other project partners, Abilian contributes to the overarching goal of advancing cloud computing technologies, fostering open-source principles, and enhancing digital sovereignty and innovation within France and potentially beyond.


The project is funded by:

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